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Vinyl liner swimming pools with reinforced concrete basis

Medence építés
Medence építés
Medence építés
Medence építés

In our country this type of pools are very popular, because they are cheaper than the ceramic ones and the construction period is faster.

This fabric can be built from paving stones and the shapes can be chosen freely. Suitable both for deck level and inground swimming pools, can be built in several design, on various surfaces, water depths, in different shapes with special mouldings.

It is made from a special 1.5 mm thick PVC plate that was developed especially for this purpose what has long lifetime. The vinyl liner swimming pools with reinforced concrete basis is the best choise because the renovation of this pool is the easiest.

The foil can be easily replaced, buti t is not to be expected in 10-15 years. (The manufacturer shall offer 10 years guarantee for the foils.)

Colors, patterns:
Medence 1 Medence 2

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Vinyl liner swimming pool building process

  • The first step in constructing your new pool is the pool layout. Excavation can then begin (by hand or machine);

  • The crush stone sub-base is then prepared, and the pool piping is ready to be installed. As the stone is being leveled, the piping is installed simultaneously;

  • Then comes the pool wall. The walls receive additional vertical reinforcement. The pool is plumbed with high-grade pipe, fittings and equipment. The next step is the vibrated concrete then any other special items that you’ve chosen to customize your pool (spa jets, skimmers, waterfalls, etc.);

  • After the concrete had dried, the pool gets mortar and plaster, then we put geotextile on the inner face;

  • The next step is installing the vinyl liner in the pool;

  • The last step of the pool building is setting the equipments, pool coping, perhanps landscaping and deck building;

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