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Swimming pool roof and cover

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Covering your pool is very important.

Swimming pool roof and cover can save you a lot of time and money.

Covering the pool decreases the evaporation of chemicals so does the heat loss and contamination int he water.

Swimming pool cover with a polycarbonate surface

There are many types of swimming pool covers, it can be build with a low or high headroom, arched, asymmetrical or trapeze shape. The profile system is alloyed aluminium with anodized silver or anthracite but available in several types, design or colours. You can choose polycarbonate hollow sheet (10 mm) or solid glass clear polycarbonate sheet (6 mm).

Our company is offering only PREMIUM products.

(The price of wimming pool roof is about the same as the cost of an average pool. You need to pay once for it and you can enjoy the two or three times longer swimming pool season in case of outdoor swimming pools. It can function as a plunge pool during the sauna rituals at wintertime.)

The end walls of the swimming pool roof can be removable and segments can slide on each other. If there is enough space the whole system can be totally rolled off the pool.

The water temperature is 6-10 degrees warmer under the swimming pool roof.

It is a great advantage that the swimming pool with pool roof is usable without heating 6-8 months but enjoyable with heating 8-10 months per a year. The water is suitable for for bathing, swimming and will not freeze on the coldest days of winter.

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Solar cover (bubble foil)

It has good heat insulating and vapour preventing features and beside of these it protects the swimming pool from contaminations as well.

Swimming pool cover with 400 micron solar bubble foil is popular mostly because its favourable price. We produce it in the exact shape of water surface on the spot. Solar radiation heats the water as sunshine gets through the cover beacuse of the solar bubbles. The water temperature is 4-8 degrees warmer with the solar cover.

Roll up system is essential to cover the swimming pools.

In case of indoor pools, we can minimize the performance/running time of demisting systems, in addition to chemicals and water evaporation. The pool maintenance is more cost effective in this way.

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Safety covers

Reinforced safety cover is produced from PVC foil and the aluminium stiffening ribs are placed into the material of the cover.
In such a way reinforced safety cover is lying on the longitudinal edges to prevent anybody from falling into the pool. It is child resistance and protect the pets. It is a huge advantage that this type-of cover can be used as winter cover as well.

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Téli takaró

Winter cover

It is very important that water must be left in the swimming for the winter season as well.The best soution is Covering the pool with a tailor made special swimming pool cover that was produced in the shape of the pool. Winter cover can protect the pools properly and the pools will not lose their glamour as the years go.

Winter cover can be prefabricated or can be produced special for the pool on the spot.

In case of prefabricated we recommend winter cover fixed with water bags. When it is not possible to cover the pool with water bags fixation by bands is optimal or these combinations.

Reinforced safety cover is produced from PVC foil can be build in several colours. Your garden can form a pleasant view in winter.

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