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Vinyl liner swimming pools, renovating swimming pools

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Would you like a new vinyl liner swimming pool or renovating your old pool?

Vinyl liner swimming pools are becoming ever more popular.

The secrets of this pool’s success are the price, this is a cheaper solution than the ceramic ones, the faster construction period and the easier cleaning. This technology is an excellent solution to the renovating of the worn out, old and permeable pools whether polypropylene, tiled, glass mosaic, during consturiction the covering has not to be replaced.

This kind of casing made from a special polished PVC plate what is easy to clean. The foil cover will ensure the soil sealing, resistant to UV-rays and has long lifetime.

The manufacturer shall offer 10 years guarantee for the foils!

The foil can be bought in any colour and in several design.

Vinyl liner swimming pools are aesthetic and comfortable. There's no feeling like the soft warm touch of vinyl against your hands, feet and body in contrast to the cold ceramic pools.

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Vinyl liner swimming pool building process

Construction time for a vinyl-lined pool is generally a few days:

- - The first step is putting the 300 micron geotextile liner to protect the foil.

- - Then installing the aluminum profile, which is coated with PVC.

- - The next step is installing the vinyl liner foil.

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