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Medence téliesítés
Medence téliesítés

Pool cleaning and maintenance

- measuring PH and chlorine levels
- - pool vacuuming
- - salt blasting, the filtering sand has to be backwashed
- - filters, hair collector filter maintenance
- - adjusting the prescribed chemicals (chlorine, PH, preventing algae from multiplying, multi-chemistry)

Special offer when you order regular pool maintenance services (min. 3 times/ month)!

We will make sure that your pool is perfect for the season and you do not need to change the water even the next year. You can save water and money if you hire professionals. You can prevent algae from multiplying and you can save yourself a great deal of discomfort.

Spring pool start-up

- removing and cleaning winter cover
- removing freeze protection devices
- raising the water level
- assembling equipments and fittings
- chemical balancing
- water changing if it is needed


The manufacturers recommend you need to leave the water int he pool. A good winterizing routine is very important, because the water is in the pool for months and it would be very difficult to remove the limescale. We need to use pool winterizing chemicals to prevent stains, scaling and algae growth. It will make your spring opening much faster and easier. If not done properly, you can find leaves in the pool and they can stain the joints and the mosaic cover or the foil can become mouldy.

Fountain and spectacular pool maintenance

Szökőkút karbantartás

It is so unpleasant when you findalgae in your beautiful fountain, the water is brownish green. Fountain maintenance is not negligible. Hire our professional company to maintain your fountain

- removing dirt and stains
- water pump maintenance
- surfaces cleaning and maintenance
- cracks repairing, pointing
- removing limescales
- pool vacuuming
- adjusting chemicals

We can solve all your problems with your pool and fountain!